Angelina Jolie Says There Was a ‘Heaviness’ in Her Marriage to Brad Pitt Years Before Divorce

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In a new podcast, Angelina Jolie says she hoped doing ‘By the Sea’ together with Brad Pitt in 2015 would help bring them closer together.


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11 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Says There Was a ‘Heaviness’ in Her Marriage to Brad Pitt Years Before Divorce”

  1. its ridiculous how people say ohh their a cute couple! they are grown people not little kids?any couple can be cute that don't mean their happy..angelina did not steal brad pitt, he's a grown ass man?I still think till this day brad Pitt was going through mid life crisis when he got with angelina jolie! they were way to different for one in other..people have to understand when you get together over lust in have 6 children in 3 years?all HELL IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE? WHEN THEY GOT TOGETHER KEEP IT REAL THEY MOVED WAY to quick.. and when you move to quick the relationship dies out sooner then what you think. I believe both of them had a mental illness. ANGELINA was still trying to get herself together as a mom preparing for maddox, brad had admitted he was going through depression so hell yeah they both were vulnerable to each other.. what white wealthy man who is so mega successful would want 6kids in 3 years?when I look back at interviews on t.v they did and red carpet appearances it's clear to see they really didn't have nothing in common! brad grew up in the real world in Angie grew up in Hollywood so HELL yeah their gonna have different views about how to raise kids?it's funny how brad told parade magazine that he was wasting his time on the couch with Jennifer smoking weed in he was tired of it but, when he got with angelina he told the world he quit in its all about the kids?bullshit.. I believe brad Pitt knew he made the wrong decision when he left Jennifer?I think the kids in angelina was way to much for brad! he was like the puppy trying to roll with the big dog's?I think they stayed together the way that they did because, it gained them more money, fame and power! what man wants to loose all that or women? I believe behind closed doors there was violence in the home between angie&brad..its not hard to see that brad has a temper, I don't let good looks fool me. when the kids were babies it was easy to maintain them..but, as the kids got older in had no rules brad lost control some where down the road in got so overwhelmed his temper exploded.. it's a possibility he checked out of his marriage along time ago?angelina comes off as a women who wants to be a single mom in do it on her own with out strings attached?now all of a sudden the divorce hits last year over alcohol&weed! don't forget he also smoked hash, Quentin Tarantino made it public in said he smoked hash with brad and brad was still involved with angelina?but, keep in mind brad told parade magazine he was tired of getting high on the couch but, stayed high in drunk through the 12years with Angie in the kids?..L.O.L, look at every interview brad had did since the divorce from red carpet interviews and magazine interviews he has nevered mentioned he misses his kids?he never mentioned out his mouth he wants half custody of those kids! find any interview since his divorce in y'all will see he don't miss those kids at all. ANGELINA has came out in said the only thing she missed about brad is him decorating the house? that goes to show their relationship was not what people thought it was! the media was obsessed with their family because, it looked like a circus ring in public. that's my opinion i dont care who gets mad! they looked like fools in public with all those dam kids! Angie is free from the alcohol in drug abuse and temper out burst from brad! brad is free from a women who don't have stability, no rules for the kids, no kids in school, yelling screaming, up all hours of night,6 nannies, globe trotting to different countries he don't fucking care about because, it's not that necessary, getting away from a family that don't want to OBEY HIS RULES! I WISH ANGELINA THE BEST! AND BRAD PITT I WISH HIM THE BEST!

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