‘Bachelor in Paradise: Roses and Rose’ FINALE: Everyone Split Up and We’re Exhausted

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ET’s Lauren Zima recaps the finale of Bachelor in Paradise’s fourth season. Did anyone stay together? Who’s the biggest f***boy? How do we feel about the new Bachelor? All your questions answered, with rose! Please drink responsibly.


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48 thoughts on “‘Bachelor in Paradise: Roses and Rose’ FINALE: Everyone Split Up and We’re Exhausted”

  1. It's time for Roses and I forgot my La Croix!

    I legitimately forgot about the finale, didn't know it would just be the one night.

    Best part of the finale was Lauren and her coffee cup, there I said it.

    The funniest moment of the night was when Chris Harrison said that Dean's hot seat was the most awkward and uncomfortable he's ever seen anyone be, and he had Lee in that hot seat… Like dang Dean, you must have really felt like you messed up if you seem more chagrined than Lee!…

    I got what I came for in Paradise, Raven found love, that is all I really wanted. Getting the gift of Derrek and Taylor, well that was just icing on the watermelon for me!…

    Okay that's it I have my Tuesday mornings back indefinitely, Lauren I'll still bring La Croix to work just to watch your recaps, but I am done, I can't be emotionally invested in reality tv, I'm divesting from this world for good!

    Adios Bachelor Nation, Angel Marie (formerly angel007sherm) is out, peace!

  2. I remember when everyone was upset Jojo didn't pick Robby because he was supposedly the better choice than Jordan but one year later Robby revealed his true colors and Jojo and Jordan are still happily together. Guess Jojo was smarter than we gave her credit for.

  3. Forget about dean, look at Amanda. She's not meant to be on television for the fame and the fortune. Spend more time with your kids and focus more on finding a relationship off camera

  4. Lauren, I absolutely love you ! I've been able to condense my entire Paradise experience into your hilarious 12 or so minutes a week, so thanks for saving my time! I would just like to point out that it was clearly my comment on Arie to you the other week that swayed the higher ups at ABC into casting him. You obviously didn't watch Emily's season, but, take it from me, he's Paul Newman sexy – you'll be forgetting Peter in no time.. if you interview Arie, can I please come and hold your phone or something?

  5. I was so mad with Dean he said that he loves Kristina breaks up with Danielle and then calls DLo when the show is over and even with that trys to call Kristina. I feel so bad for the girls, specially Kristina. Thank you so much for the recaps

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