‘Bachelor in Paradise: Roses and Rose’: Look What Christen Made Jasmine Do!

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Jasmine freaked out when newcomer Christen asked Matt on a date — and her behavior may have backfired! Robby tries to do something romantic for Amanda, but she wants to play Scattergories. And the crazy moment no one saw coming was the reality of Dean! Plus, Derek and Taylor have a little bit of a snafu!



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48 thoughts on “‘Bachelor in Paradise: Roses and Rose’: Look What Christen Made Jasmine Do!”

  1. By the way … It seems that someones screwing around with the statistics.

    The page says there were "19,285 Views " However, the ACTUAL number accumulated in the "Statistics'' Box (which you can find if you click on the place that says ". . . more'', under the Red Subscribe box, and then click on "STATISTICS'' ) says there are really only:"15,832" Views. I do happen to know that you can BUY extra views from UTube – which is just pathetic, if that's what you have to do to boost your ego or ratings. Eventually the truth usually comes out.

    Is someone BUYING 'Views to make it seem like there are more people watching, than the actual facts'?? If so, that's really 'stuffing the ballot box'', so to speak… and would be a pretty pathetic way to make people think you're more liked that you actually 'are'. No one enjoys being tricked or conned or manipulated! I think I'll go examine the other Statistics from previous videos. I hope I'm wrong, and that's not the case.

  2. Lauren, Your info is fine,, but those woohoooooo ..– ehh hmmm …. oooohmmmm .. etc. and other extraneous noises you keep making , are just plain irritating and annoying!! omg! you just did them again! ugggh! And the extra large drink glass Gimmick is so obvious and c ringingly ridiculous! omgggggg… again you made them! gezzzusssssssssssss stoppppp !!!

  3. Lauren! Idk why I didn’t see this sooner! But wonderful episode as usual! Your Rosé glass is wonderful! I also just realized you said Jasmine had Jack Stone eat weird things, not Alexis. Lol.

  4. My phone is locked like Kristin's _ LOL!!!!!! Dean says "I don't consider it flirting"Lauren says, " well I don't consider this drinking…"  OMG LMAO.  Love you Laurendisappointed that behind those blue eyes and killer smile that Dean is just another guy, oh well.

  5. Wells can't be the bachelor because he needs to come back and be the bartender for future seasons and he also to much of the buddy guy not a leading man. Dean is to immature. Peter for bachelor.

  6. For the love of god, dean kisses two girls in one night, THAT DEFINITELY DOESN'T SOUND LIKE BACHELOR MATERIAL. What's with you people, on the main show the dude(dudette) dates fifty people at once, sleeps with 4 and strings them all along but on here a person 'dates' two out in the open and there is some glaring moral issue.
    stop it.

  7. What is the fuss with Game of Thrones?? I seriously do not get it! I started to watch it this year after being forced by a friend to do it. After a few episodes into the first season, a brother and sister were knocking knees in a tower! ??? That was it for me! I physically threw up in my sink and dint watch another second after that!

  8. Wells wouldve been great for the Bachelor if he wasn't totally in love with Danielle!! Ugh. I want them together so bad. However he's still my top choice for Bachelor because he's a good guy

  9. I very dissapointed with Dean, he was so adorable in the bachelorette and now he is playing with both girls and i feel bad for Kristina she is so sweet and doesn't deserved this. Love this recap.

  10. I'm dying – props to Lauren & the editor of Roses & Rose for making me laugh out loud every Tuesday, just when I don't think you can top yourselves, you give us this Paradise/GOT/Taylor Swift mashup & then the cherry on top of Lauren strutting & dancing in the TS vid – I love you guys, if I had a rose, it would go to you!??

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