BTS Debuts Steve Aoki ‘MIC Drop’ Remix and Epic Music Video

You won’t want to miss their insane dance moves.


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49 thoughts on “BTS Debuts Steve Aoki ‘MIC Drop’ Remix and Epic Music Video”

    VOTE for ??BTS?? Mama 2017 they are in all categories on the second place this can’t be true if u are true army vote
    ?? RIGHT NOW they deserve it

  2. You should be mainstream to be nominated. And please grammys has many categories. American release not american language. You dont need to be the highest charting artist to win a grammys and to tell you there is a indian artist that already who a grammys. You are only focusing the categories that is filmed shown in the television. I think you must do your research first.

  3. I love that remix so much and its not just because IM ARMY. I even want the Japanese version of this song their Japanese songs need some loving too. They deserve the world!!!!!

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