Did Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Just Shade Each Other on Instagram? Here’s Why Fans Think So

Just when we thought the dust had settled, it seems the Kardashian/ Swift narrative is continuing.


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31 thoughts on “Did Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Just Shade Each Other on Instagram? Here’s Why Fans Think So”

  1. Taylor Swift order know by now each time she bring out new music or something new Kim Kardashien will always be that leech sucking off of Taylor Swift success

  2. Please stop reaching . Taylor article, song has NOTHING to do with Kim.  And 38 year old Kim is childishly trying to keep the 'Karthrashians' in the news.  AND the media is eager to oblige.

  3. Dunno why Kim would actually promote that piece of shit she calls a song. Kayne is such a narcissist, all he cares about is himself. I guess that's why they are perfect for each other, they are both vain asf! Taylor is Queen!

  4. The thing is it is as I would think that maybe she posted cuz it's been a year since the freaking video and might not have anything to do with Taylor Swift but to keep this do you going you guys are making every single little thing about Taylor or that Taylor Swift song about about Kanye I am over it I am so over this s***

  5. Kimberly I love you and your family so I'm going to say please stop this childish twitter war with Taylor Swift because although there's no such thing as bad publicity it's only going to end badly for the both of you. I know you're just defending your husband because you're loyal but he did not make Taylor Swift famous lol she's famous because she's a music writing genius sorry Kanye but you're not even on the same level. you know there was a naked picture of Taylor Swift in the frame let's be real you're doing it on purpose

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