Rihanna Slams Snapchat, Says App ‘Made a Joke’ of 2009 Chris Brown Assault

On Thursday, the 30-year-old singer posted a lengthy message on Instagram Stories in response to Snapchat’s apology for running the ad.


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9 thoughts on “Rihanna Slams Snapchat, Says App ‘Made a Joke’ of 2009 Chris Brown Assault”

  1. It does not matter what they went through or why she would wanna get back or be friends with him, whatever happened between them is their business, Snapchat should’ve never done that, that just shows how less respect Snapchat has for celebrities like Rihanna or even other people. It wasn’t nice for them to post something like that EVER, they should’ve known the consequences. Now they’re going to have to deal with them like they should. It wasn’t nice at all and they could’ve handled it differently.

  2. SnapChat …Instagram … they all fucking so stupid and getting way out of hand !!! …. All those kinds of apps …
    ******Cell phones are Fucking up Peoples Body n Brain cells …I swear .. “cell” phones …

  3. Thank God I'm not a part of Snapchat it's a stupid app and Rihanna I would sue them it's poor taste and they know it they know exactly what they're doing because it takes time so someone to put it up so they must know they just got caught because they think no one is paying attention fool them sue their ass

  4. Girl, bye! You still worked with Chris and dated him again afterwards. And now you want to get mad because Snapchat brings up your assault as a joke? You and Chris are the joke! Rihanna, you set no example for women who could have been dead by the hands of their abusers. People think its fuckin' cute that she and Chris still might have love for each other or are still friends. Like fuckin' seriously? He could have killed her! There are so many stories of men killing women during domestic abuse. The shit is not cute! Go look it up dumb asses!

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