‘Riverdale’ 2×15: Choni Rises, Chic Falls & A Shocking Twin Returns to Town! | Sweetwater Secrets

Choni is HEATING UP! Welcome back Riverbabes! Today on Sweetwater Secrets we giving you our Hisses & Kisses from last nights episode, Episode 2×15 Chapter 28 ‘There Will Be Blood.’ SO MUCH HAPPENED including: There is a new Blossom twin in town, Hiram Lodge’s plan has been revealed, and Chic isn’t a Cooper?!

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50 thoughts on “‘Riverdale’ 2×15: Choni Rises, Chic Falls & A Shocking Twin Returns to Town! | Sweetwater Secrets”

  1. Hisses to the Lodges, and Varchie. I feel like their relationship is getting really toxic. Also, I feel like the whole family is getting really manipulative. Kisses to Kevin knowing to stop the catfishing before it got dangerous. Also kisses to the entire CHOOOONI plotline. Toni is so supportive and really cares about Cheryl. Also the flirting. I love it. Choni is my whole life right now. Sorry, long comment.????????????????

  2. hisses to the writers for not telling us clifford has a sexist twin!! but kisses to chony for handling the situation so well. love this show so much i watch it right after riverdale

  3. Hisses to Archie for doing the blood oath with Hiram, like what are you doing! I swear this is going to come back and bite him in the butt and I won’t even be mad about it because he, at this point, deserves it. I’m sorry I love Archie but he’s going down a path he shouldn’t have gone down. Also hiss to Clifford’s twin for agreeing with Penelope about somehow getting rid of Nana Rose and Cheryl like BYE the door is right there. ????

    Kisses to Choni! I just absolutely love them together and I love that Cheryl can be vulnerable and really be herself with Toni and not have to put up a front or hide anything from her. Kisses to Nana Rose pulling her hand away from Penelope and kisses to Betty for coming one step closer to see what Chic’s real plan is.

  4. Complete hisses to the writers for not enough bughead in this episode, I mean I am more than grateful for the amount of bughead last episode, but can you blame me? #bugheadisendgame.

    My second hisses goes to chic for being a complete liar in terms of his identity, who could he really be?

    My third hisses goes to everyone else who was a jerk in the episode (Hal, Penelope, and long lost twin of dead Cliff)

    Kisses goes to Kevin for really being there for Betty, when she was trying to find out more info about chic, and kisses to jughead for at least trying to fix Riverdale, but Hiram beat him to it.

  5. Huge kisses to Cheryl for having the guts to reach out for Toni’s hand in front of her homophobic bitch of a mom❤️❤️???????? I personally thought he lesbos comment was actually really funny. I agree it was a little weird at first but I couldn’t stop laughing. Cheryl and Toni’s reaction was absolutely priceless though. Especially Cheryl. I thought that maybe it was a hidden comment to Cheryl telling her that it’s ok to be different and he accepts her. BUT THEN… The Blossom twin disappointed me by being a real shady ass and threatening Cheryl behind her back. hUh?! NOBODY TALKS ABOUT MY QWEEN LIKE THAT. NO ONE

  6. Hisses to the weird oath Hiram & Archie did.. Hiram is bad news! Also hisses to Chic for faking his identity.. I wonder who he is! Could the real long lost brother be the blonde guy who was working the night of the movie screening that was outside?! The guy selling hot dogs or popcorn or something because he keeps showing up! Also I've a feeling Clifford's twin is Clifford or the black hood! Kisses to seeing FP being there for Juggy, kisses to Choni blossoming although I would've loved to see more! It was nice to see Cheryl act so nicely to Toni.. Kisses to Cheryl just because!!!!

  7. hisses to them throwing out all of veronica's character development. she was my favourite character until she started mindlessly following hiram around and defending his actions when he is CLEARLY in the wrong.
    kisses to choni!!!!! they are amazing and i love the development, i feel like the creators are really taking them seriously as a couple and giving the audience a real chance to fall in love with them

  8. This has nothing to do with this episode or episodes to come but I have a theory. ???? I think the writers of the show and maybe producers, pretty much anyone that works on the show, foreshadowed Jughead becoming a Southside Serpent by having the character wear shirts with a big S.

  9. I love when Alice says that Chic took the twins to sweet water river???????? she had no idea and idk but it makes me laugh sm ???? Chic is either fp's son or someone else in riverdale. like maybe alice had an affair with sheriff keller or clifford blossom or fred andrews?? i don't know ?? And I i think that Clifford's still alive and that will be the cliff hanger or something to continue the show with…

  10. I have a theory, what if chick is actually the black hood. It makes sense. what if he moved in with the coopers just so he could get closer. And don't you think it is creepy he asked poly to give him her new address, he sound very suspicious to me. Also look into his eyes, he looks like the guy who shot Fred. But, just a thought.

  11. Hisses: Archie falling in deeper with the lodges (only bad things are coming your way boy) and betraying his dad

    Kisses: Choni and Alice exposing Penelope to the world!! Slay mama Cooper slay ????

  12. Conspiracy: What if Claudius is actually Clifford?? I know that sounds impossible because we literally saw him HANGING from his head that could have been like a body double or something?? it makes no sense but it’s Riverdale and anything’s possible…

  13. Hisses to Archie! I really don't get his motive anymore. I thought he wanted to protect his dad, and he doesnt want to be a Lodge's dog, but then again, newsflash Archie, you are! Hisses to Veronica, she's gotten really good at lying now. Im concerned!
    Kisses to Toni's adorable reaction to everything, kisses to Cheryl taking the place at the Podium coz she felt like she needs to say something, she just does! And kisses to Bughead for just being Detectives!

  14. Hisses to Chic for lying to the Coopers and for Archie now "belonging" to the Lodges know

    Kisses: Betty for proving that Chic isn't chic and for Jughead digging deeper in the town.

  15. Kisses to Bughead and Choni but Hisses to hiram and varchie and heromine and i think fp is chic's dad it even says in one of the episodes " You might not look or dress like your from southside but we both know u are" and i think he knows that alice is from the southside because they might of hooked up.????

  16. Hisses to archie for getting involved in V’s messed up family but kisses to choni and how their relationship is evolving I found the Lesbos comment funny because it remind me of how me and my and my friends react when we hear about something that could be related to what we know as a secret

  17. I have a theory. What if Hermione is planning to “dethrone” Hiram, and Veronica and Archie know about it. Now here me out. Hermione has been mostly quiet this season, keeping Ronnie safe from her dad and mostly listening her husband. For example, Agent Adams was something that SHE planned to get Archie to be a part of the Logde’s, but what if it were bigger than that… Maybe her being mayor would mean that she is taking another step with her plan. And the reason she is doing this is because,like Smithers said last season, “She is unquestionably good” or something like that. Perhaps her eyes have been opened and needs Archie and Ronnie’s help to stop him and she becomes the hero we needed! Or maybe I’m crazy and just second guessing myself!

  18. Am I the only one who thinks That Hiram Lodge paid someone to be the blackhood and terrorize the town so his jail plan on Riverdale might seem less terrible than it is

  19. I loved this episode, Cheryl had at a lot more screen time and Choni got featured! Hisses to this random Blossom twin and Chic just overall, Kisses to Bughead, even though there were no real moments you can tell they are going sting, also kisses to Kevin, he's just such a good character!! P.s. I LOVE Sweetwater Secrets!!

  20. question. did anyone else get confused at the end where the twin who i forgot the name of was talking about: nana rose first, cheryl second?? well penelope said that, but they were talking…. ARE THEY GOING TO KILL?? because cheryl was crying when she was eavesdropping and in the promo she screams when she sees… well something cough cough nana rose's corpespossibly

  21. I DEFINITELY think Archie isn't going to be 100% faithful to Hiram and just did the whole blood sacrifice to make him believe he's in the inner circle, the journal he burnt must of been fake, Just waiting for Archie to spill all Lodge secrets to Jughead for newspapers :))

  22. Hisses: Chic because I absolutely hate him, sorry. Also to Choni, it seems forced to me and really unrealistic in the Riverdale universe, but since it's being heavily pushed by the fanbase I think it's going to happen, sadly. Another Hiss to Veronica trying to manipulate Archie and Archie and Hiram's weird blood pact.

    Kisses: Betty standing up to Chic by investigating him, I really hope he's not her brother and he leaves. Another Kiss to Betty never venturing into BDSM with her brother like I thought she would. Also to Fred to standing against the shady Lodges.

    (Sorry it's so much!)

  23. Hisses to Archie for getting in way too deep with the Lodge family! But kisses to Veronica for covering for Archie to save him from her father’s wrath. Couples who protect each other from evil dads stay together?

  24. HISSES TO THE HIRAM AND ARCHIE STORYLINE????????!! What happened to my sweet innocent Archie who sang songs and played football. Like serious when was last time we heard Archie do you sing a song or playing a football. I blame Hiram????????.

  25. To clear up misunderstanding, the 'Lesbos' comment wasn't meant to be deliberate from him, it's a real island and he was just casually bringing it up without realising the name but since Toni and Cheryl are both attracted to girl, they clocked on to the other meaning and found the name of it funny.

  26. kisses that the writers put more of the blossom family. I Love there story line. Also, kisses to Kevin for standing up to Betty about not doing the web-camming anymore. Hisses to archie for going dark again. I used to love him but now i wish he would go back to his guitar and save Riverdale instead of partnering with Hiram to make it worse. but I still am hooked into this show and that is probably the reason why!! also, love you and your shows!!

  27. Kisses to choni
    Hisses to the lodges
    Kisses to Fred standing up to the lodges
    Hisses to Archie choosing Hiram over his dad
    Kisses to Alice always being the queen of entrances
    Hisses to Hal but he was right about chic
    Hisses to Alice not realizing how creepy chic is but everyone else knows how creepy he is she's being a dumb blonde right now
    Kisses to Jughead being right about Hiram and FP helping Jughead
    Kisses to Smithers giving Jughead info
    Kisses to seeing Polly and the twins
    Hisses to the secret twin of the blossom family
    What's up with riverdale and all these twins?
    Hisses to chic holding Polly baby
    Kisses to Toni and noticing how horrible Penelope
    Hisses to chic being creepy
    Kisses to Betty on finding out who chic really is
    Hisses to Betty using Kevin into catfishing chic

  28. Kisses to Kevin (please get us more of this cutie !), to Jughead for trying to save the town, to FP for standing with his son and to my savior: Fred!
    As for Choni yes they are cute and everything, but i got the feelings that's moving waaay too fast (one day, i insult you in the school's hallway, the next day you're the closest friend i got!)

  29. I think that Chic wants to get everyone of the Cooper family out, because whenever someone gets out of the house he cuts them out of the picture.And I think he just wants to be with his mother because he never had a real family and he wants to have Alice only for himself. So now I kinda feel bad for him idk…

  30. Hisses to Penelope for only putting herself first! All I’m saying if is she was never saved from the fire I wouldn’t have been upset.

    Kisses: Choni of course! So happy that Cheryl has someone she knows she can rely on and I cannot wait to see where their relationship goes!

  31. HISSES for not knowing who chic really is, even though we found out he isn’t a cooper. And hisses to Hiram trying to play Fred into becoming mayor and making him do bad, ridiculous thing. AND to Penelope being her mean old self, I can’t even deal. KISSES to choni!!! I ship it so hard???? and to Jughead and FP digging and trying to find information on Hiram’s dirty ways. Someone has to do something about it!

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