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Who is telling lies, who is in the line of fire, and did the Pussycats bring all the boys to the yard? We’ve got exclusives behind the scenes with Camilia Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madeline Petsch, and Ashleigh Murray on today’s ‘Sweetwater Secrets.’ Plus Leanne gives you her ‘Blue & Gold’ breakdown of the episode, and her favorite and least favorite moments in ‘Hisses & Kisses’ on this episode of Sweetwater Secrets.


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49 thoughts on “‘Riverdale’ Season 2: Lili Reinhart on Bughead’s ‘Passionate’ Future & More | Sweetwater Secrets”

  1. My theory is that the gun man is the south side serpent guy who jughead always goes to because if you picture him in a mask thing it look like the killer. Also he has green eyes

  2. Appreciation post for Leanne- From all the comic-con panels to Sweetwater Secrets, you've been asking all the right questions, discussing the right theories and all of it with more excitement than most of the ardent fans. Pretty luck to have you. And also a teeny bit jealous.

  3. OK JUSt- tHe thing ISSSS. i feel like something else is chehwcuiehrllwc IDK. because Jughead is supposed to be writing a novel about JASON BLOSSOM's murder, right? so why is he still writing if this doesn't all tie together? idk. maybe I missed something.

  4. This is a dumb theory, but anyway… it could be Clifford Blossom. I was watching season 1 again and was reminded that he wears wigs. His eyes are not green, but since he wears wigs, he could’ve changed other things about his appearance. Cheryl was also saying something to her mom about how she would “tell everybody what really happened in the barn.” So maybe it could mean that Clifford is still alive. I highly doubt this is what happened but oh well at least I made it up

  5. I don’t like how they avoided talking more about Josie being a vixen… like I don’t understand why she is? She’s dedicated to her music and wouldn’t have time for it. And the fact Veronica doesn’t run them anymore they brushed over too

  6. This might sound really crazy but I'm just wondering what if the person that shot Fred and killed Grundy was Jason and yah I know he is dead but the show might be tricking us you never know (because the whole show is weird but good)!! And I think Jason has greenish blueish eyes,,,, right? That's what Archie saw

  7. I think the head serpent (Tall boy) is miss grundys ex who might be the gunman

    Also another one of my theory's: the gunman could be Paul Sowerberry (Hirams attorney) especially since it looks like him and if the two were making business deals it wouldn't look strange

  8. I AM IN LOVE WITH VARCHIE! Best couple ever. They are growing so much, but are still fun and sexual. Confused why the sneak peek of the pussycat performance with the varchie kiss wasn't actually in the episode, but I hope they stay together.

  9. This last episode destroyed all my theories!!!!!
    A big kiss goes to Cheryl that is always so amazing and sexy!
    But hisses to Hermione!!!! I'm so disappointed…
    My last kiss is for Alice Cooper cause she made me laugh with the phone stalker scene?❤

  10. my theory is that chic cooper is the black hood. green eyes, and what we know from his casting description is that he's a pretty hardened guy. my 2 cents!

  11. I guess I'm the only one that loves the parents Alice Cooper is amazing and Hiram and Hermione are like this bad ass mafia couple I Love it ? LOL it is it just me or did you just quote Kelly from the office

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