‘Riverdale’ Season 2: Madelaine Petsch on Cheryl Blossoms Near-Assault | Sweetwater Secrets

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Today on Sweetwater Secrets, we have Madelaine Petsch in studio after last nights heavy episode of ‘Riverdale.’ Veronica’s ex Nick St. Clair arrives in Riverdale, Jughead decides to go full Serpent, and The Black Hood keeps calling Betty with very difficult demands.


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48 thoughts on “‘Riverdale’ Season 2: Madelaine Petsch on Cheryl Blossoms Near-Assault | Sweetwater Secrets”

  1. Hisses (be warned I have many): Sweet pea hitting jughead in the face with his brass knuckles OUCH!!! I was crying at this moment, NICK (do i need to say any more?), The black hood for his black mail, Archie for not letting jughead down easy while telling him that betty was breaking up with him. And also Choni not happening and Toni kissing jughead instead.

    Kisses: Hot dog, I had been wishing for that moment to come forever, I love the Archie comics.

  2. Ok theres no way I am the only Riverdale fan who doesnt really give a shit about Bughead. I might biased becauze I dont really like Jughead as a character. He is a pussy bitch and a loner who's really socially awkward, and the way Cole Sprouse delivers his lines just makes him sound extremely corny every other time he speaks. Betty is a solid character and is well portrayed but honestly theyre just not that good of a fit together. Come at me, Im ready for it.

  3. Hisses- Toni kissing Jughead, that made me so made that Toni would take advantage of the situation. Betty being black mailed, Cheryl almost getting raped-

    Kisses- Pussycat Dolls to the rescue! Betty's mom owning the fact the she used to be a serpent and the fundraiser! The kiss between Betty and Jughead was so passionate, that I felt it through my screen. It was about time they showed their chemistry!

    This episode really didn't have a lot of kisses though. It was such a dark episode. I felt so back for Betty and all that she had to go through! I really hope Jughead and Betty get back together school and that when she tell him it makes their relationship even stronger!! I think that Jughead had his heart broken so bad from Betty that he didn't know what was going on when Toni kissed him. But he did let it happen 🙁

  4. Hisses-That stupid Nick dude, I just hate him in general, and that Toni jughead kiss right after him and Betty broke up.Kisses – that girl power, Betty standing up to her mom, Alice otter ally slaying the whole episode

  5. Hisses: bug heads break up got me emotional. I hate how the black hood is torturing Betty when he says he's her friend. And how jugheads apparently making out with tony UNEXPECTABLE Cole. And how Betty's not doing anything about her and the black hood. Kisses: Josie and regie are my new 2nd favorite couple 1st is varchie RIVERDALE CLEAN UP YOUR ACT RIGHT NOW!!!!

  6. Hisses:? bughead breaking up I cried for a minute, Toni kissing jug AS SOON AS HE TELLS HER HIM AND BETTY BROKE UP , and nick saint Claire trying to get with v and of course Cheryl. Kisses:? The adorable bughead scene in the dinner and the girls ganging up to beat nick saint Clair up!
    BTW I love sweet water secrets and of course the cast of riverdale

  7. hisses-bighead break up and toni taking advantage of jughead in such a venerable state and nick st. claire
    kisses-that sweet bighead moment shared in pops, cheers getting saved by the pussycats, alice cooper serving us all, and LILI REINHARTS FUCKING ACTING WAS AMAZING

  8. i cant even function i need bughead back but stupid toni topaz and stupid black hood is taking that away from me and i just need to go cry. and also i need to just say that eff you nick st. clair

  9. OMG love the show! My Hiss from this episode was Betty basically becoming a murderer to save her family and of course BUGHEAD breaking up!!!!! Love you still Betty but come on girl!!!!! My kiss was the soundtrack from this episode! I love Harry Styles and Imagine Dragons!!! I think the Black Hood is Sheriff Keller, he hasn't been involved at all with anything with the Black Hood except for sending the letters to be analyzed. That's what I think!!!!

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