Saoirse Ronan & Timothee Chalamet Talk Names Being Butchered | E! Live from the Red Carpet

The “Lady Bird” actress says which American word is difficult for her to pronounce as the “Call Me by Your Name” actor talks Time’s Up at the 2018 SAG Awards.

Full Story: http://www.eonline.com/news/907777/timothee-chalamet-shares-how-times-up-movement-is-resonating-with-young-men-at-2018-sag-awards

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Saoirse Ronan & Timothee Chalamet Talk Names Being Butchered | E! Live from the Red Carpet


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49 thoughts on “Saoirse Ronan & Timothee Chalamet Talk Names Being Butchered | E! Live from the Red Carpet”

  1. honestly wtf why are the only questions that Saoirse is getting regarding her accent/Irish background while Timothée gets the more interesting ones? I love them both, but Saoirse also deserves to be treated with respect and dignity instead of the surface level questions that have been asked millions of times.

  2. E! asks Thimothee about his views on the Time's Up movement and the fight for gender equality while Saoirse has to answer brainless questions about her accent… ?

  3. Timmy has a very dynamic social personality. It often is a weak personality and requires a lot of love to be sustained… I really hope he will not be corrupted by the trashy hollywood people that are his age like Bella Thorne… You are better off alone than with the wrong crowd .

  4. Obvious problem here.
    Questions for Saoirse: different pronunciations of her name, her accent
    Questions for Timothée: actors that inspire him, Time’s Up movement
    It’s a trend that I see so often. Women get the most basic questions while male actors get questions of substance. Saoirse is so amazing and has so much to give. Don’t get me wrong, I love Timothée so much (it’s gotten a bit excessive honestly) and it’s not his fault, but it’s hollwood’s and the press’ mindset. I would like to see a change, but that can’t start if we are blind to the problem

  5. omg they always ask her the same question "people mispronounce your name, what's the worst you've ever gotten?" – after all these years, or at least after you've heard her name 10 times how could you get it wrong? that's boring, like ask her another question…

  6. I love how Timmy is asked about his career and about his legitimate views on a very serious topic and for Saoirse, Giulianna is just like "LoL YoUr'e iRisH! isN't tHaT WEIRD?

    LOVE the equity

  7. Omfg can we please stop asking Saoirse the same basic fucking questions. She’s one of the best actresses of our generation, if not THE best. We get it, her name is unusual. There’s a million more things I’d like to know about this interesting, intelligent and delightful woman.

  8. Timothee gets to be asked serious acting related questions while Saoirse still gets the trivial “name pronunciation” & accent questions. Oh well. I love them.

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