Seal Slams Oprah Winfrey, Implies She Knew About Harvey Weinstein’s Misconduct

The 54-year-old singer Instagrammed a meme showing Winfrey kissing the disgraced mogul, following her speech at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.


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36 thoughts on “Seal Slams Oprah Winfrey, Implies She Knew About Harvey Weinstein’s Misconduct”

  1. Incredible. Now he's taking back what he said about her. If this doesn't show how much power this woman has, nothing does. She must have threatened him with complete annihilation. Anyone who thinks the most powerful woman in show business had no clue what Harvey was up to is beyond stupid.

  2. Not bitter much about that divorce then Seal? What a twat. I think I would have legged it with the bodyguard an all. Oops no I'm black and probably would have stuck it out in abject misery because sadly that's what black women are supposed to do right? Err hell no!

  3. Oprah shows clearly how bias, spiteful and dangerous her political agenda is!
    For Hollywood ‘news worthy and living their privileged life’ means it is ok to lie to the American people!
    Oprah is an opportunist and crafty for her our own selfish agenda!
    She was aware of Weinstein’s sexual behaviour yet she conveniently turned a blind eye! Oprah where was she all these years when she knew about Weinstein? how about those sexual assault cases in her own operated Afrian school?

  4. She knew. The saying in Hollywood is, we all knew. Yes, and Weinstein pal Oprah, is a liar, and con artist, pretending that she is at the forefront of this issue in that business. Nope, she is a huge 0art of the problem with that whole system.

  5. You can't just assume someone knew what a person does privately, just because they know the person. Even if they heard rumors you can't publicly accuse someone unless it involves you.

  6. Well Seal you knew too then. Your wife at the time Heidi Klum's show was produced by Weinstein. Also why are you using an old picture to make it seem like he kissed her after the speech?

  7. She's full of sh*t, And oh now we're supposed to feel sorry for her out in CA when in her home town Chicago people can't even walk down the street in their own neighborhood and feel safe EVERYDAY! Yes, people do need to stay woke! Ya'll need to stop fawning over these celebrities and shake off the trance they have you all in.

  8. seal pliz, where have you been all along go back where you was this topic it's not for u. u pointing finger to Oprah what about yr ex wife Heidi, maybe you should clean up yr self first bfore going outside keep your mouth shut

  9. Seal is a lying sack of shit. Dora's it makes sense , Oprah s personality is to be ok with mistreatment of other women. How dumb do you have to be to swallow that shit?

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